Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Utilities Regular Air time:Republished

It is not uncommon to hear public relations of utilities giving briefings to the public on the radio or television when something extraordinary happens or go wrong in their services. Such explanations are definitely welcomed and appreciated.
But it would have been beneficial, if not a necessity, both to the public and the utilities themselves had they have regular air time on the major mass media to create awareness about the services and inform unexpected instances as they happen  to the general public.
So before water supply is interrupted, power is went off, network is disappeared  etc for so long, it will be an advantage to notify the public and make them stay calm until everything gets back to normal, as everyone be ready in advance.
Besides, they can also help their customers’ thoroughly understand the services they provide. To my experience, power went off at peak hours, mostly in the evening, when everyone plugs in his/her sockets and switched on his/her lights. If the public is constantly thought on the media than prohibiting not to use or than go to shading when it is actually a necessity, I think the service can be optimized.
Surprisingly, utilities take the blame for every service delay and shut down in other companies though, sometimes, the problems seem internal.

So, what do you think major utilities that most of us depend on their services on a daily basis, do have regular air time on the major mass media?