Saturday, 28 February 2015


So long as we could comprehend, maybe for centuries, a lot has been said but done less for Africa. For generations, we heard a lot but benefited less, earned less but spent more, fought more but secured less, borrowed and aided more but robbed more, disintegrated more but pacified less, corrupted more but jailed more, deposited more but wasted more, migrated more but died more, chased more but chased back more.

Africa has lots of challenges but opportunities ahead. The Power for change lies within its people for its people within Africa. So much has the elite so does its youth to transform the continent. The time has come and the future should be bright! The one billion people are not just only with bellies but also with hands, the golden hands that dug dip and help shine the rest of the world.

No more speaking high but doing less. Do both, speak high and do more - for Africa, like the Adwa!

Tigabu Atalo
Power and Energy Practitioner, and
Experienced Projects Manager

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