Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Updating Websites :Republished

These days, because of the advance in technology, especially the IT world, and the convenience of reaching customers, companies and government bodies in the world are relying more on their websites than the traditional ways. It is common to see product advertisements, sales of products and services, daily updates being released on websites of companies.

Ethiopia not an exception in this regard, followed the trend and companies and government departments developed their own websites to reach the customers and the general public. This will help the public be well informed be it marketing, current affairs, government releases etc almost so easily. But, in my observation ,in lots of company websites in Ethiopia the data are outdated, never be updated since their development and at times conveyed wrong information .What I know for sure is that, business companies ,government departments and organizations pay a lot of money for website developers  but kept them as they are. So, I believe, people will be discouraged to follow updates on websites and in the long term will disregard as a vital source of information.

So long as companies intend to move with the technology, they need to give attention to their IT departments and update website information so that they untapped the potential. The update is indispensable especially on the government websites where it will help as a source of information and evidence whenever a certain endeavor is to be made. Besides, it is becoming a way of connection to the outside world and we don’t deserve absorbed in by ourselves only.