Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Traffic Jam- Addis Ababa;Republished

Over the past few years, Construction in Addis Ababa, our capital, is growing tremendously if not exponentially, thanks to the policies of the government, the people of Ethiopia and friends of the same. Consequent to the booming construction though, the traffic flow in the city is extremely affected. Especially during the peak hours, it is common to see traffic jams in almost all the squares and streets of the city. This,
I guess is affecting the effective working hours of the city and the economy as well. Besides, the majority of residents who relied on public transport to move across the city are subjected to long lines which are open to the sun, cold, rain and wind. To alleviate the burden to a certain extent, therefore, what if we make some changes until the end of the constructions, specially the grand ones, doing like

  •          Pending and shifting the construction work on major transit areas during the peak hour
  •     Shifting the working hours of companies which are not directly related to customer services to a certain level
  •      Maintaining the damaged parts of auxiliary and main roads sooner so that the cars can go faster and smoothly.
  •      More importantly maximizing our patience