Wednesday, 21 May 2014


Because of the relative boom in the economy, of course the decline of same in the west, there is a large influx of foreign nationals/expats to Ethiopia. This is an opportunity for Ethiopia to diversify the skill set in the economy but with an associated risk if left unattended.
I heard a story on one of the major news channels that people are made qualified and granted qualification papers for paying fixed lump sum only for a university which actually don’t exist on earth. An investigative journalist proved that Pseudo professionals qualified from different Pseudo Universities are scattered across the developing world and earn too much. I understand that these people don’t have anything to contribute with regards to knowledge and skills except snatching our money and employment opportunities of locals.

So, I suggest we need to change the way we see foreigners .We think of them as literates, but it is not always the case .Even where security issues are concerned, we need to take it more seriously  and check them up properly whenever is necessary before we pay the price.