Wednesday, 21 May 2014


Companies operating in Saudi Arabia that were dependent on foreign laborers are concerned about the labor market and they say they are struggling to maintain their operations over the periods of the government’s so called crack down of immigrants. We will yet hear a lot from there that do not only show disrespect for human beings but also unable to predict their demands
I am really wondering what the situation on our citizens living in Saudi Arabia would be like had the government did not intervene and suspend agencies in advance. Maybe I suspect the government is aware/ informed that the deportation would happen soon.

The action of the government on illegal migration recently is so profound and worth mentioning–Apart from the case and effort in Saudi, I followed the reports on the news channels a month ago on the successive accidents of boats on the coast of Italy where the number of Ethiopian victims is limited as compared to previous statistics which is the outcome of the government’s actions, I believe. But we don’t always wait until it is too late. I am also worried about the suffering of these people even after arriving home by robbers and opportunists. We need to understand the situation and help them reach their families safely.