Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Local Media trust:

Information in this modern era is more than a necessity. Well informed society is indispensable to push the development of the country forward /as set by the GTP now/.What matters most in establishing the informed connection between the administrator and the public is the mass media and the communication channels and outlets. If the channels of the administrator are transparent, genuine, timely, consistent and accessible, there will definitely be mutual understanding for mutual goal. In essence, the beneficiary will be the administrator in the short term and both in the long term.
We, as a nation, do have a bad habit of adopting and trusting information from external sources which is actually, most often, tailored for the advantages of their own respective interests and down play ours. 
This, I believe, is a result of our wrong perception and wrong dependency on external mass media plus the probably lack of transparent, timely, consistent, and accessible information locally. It is common to listen to our every day affairs/be it football, athletics, politics, etc/ translated from external mass media while it is possible to meet these people with little effort and obtain first hand information. If local information channels can broadcast a story on time for any instant that happens, they will narrow down the speculation people randomly make and become first hand information sources.
We are a proud people who do have a lot to tell and if we don’t trust our own mass media, how are we going to share our history. Over the long periods, we have been told that ours is wrong and theirs is genuine. Like the others, we are a victim of the external media. Competence is sought after from the local mass media and trusting from the public.