Sunday, 25 May 2014

Addis Ababa -Adama Express Way:

Pros and Cons As I See It.

Addis Ababa -Adama Expressway


  • It is a clear indication of where Ethiopia stands at this stage
  • Highly facilitates the traffic towards the East and South,
  •  Saves considerable travel time,
  • Takes less fuel for a vehicle as compared to it takes through the old route which again reduces the cost of fuel.
  • Pollution to the environment will considerably be reduced as a result of less consumption of fuel.


  •  It is a paid trip but will likely be covered from the gain of fuel cost,
  • Accidents if not cautiously monitored. Careless driving combined with old cars will put the traffic at risk mainly at high speed.


  • Advice for attitude change shall be sold at the transit gates, every time.