Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Preserve nature 2!

The environment:

Despite universal resolutions of series of Conferences of parties, Cop1 in Germany, Berlin; Cop2 in Switzerland, Geneva;Cop3 in Japan, Kyoto; and………………………up to Cop15 in Denmark, Copenhagen, and later with developments of Carbon trading, joint implementation strategy, clean development mechanism and so on, the topic of climate change remains unanswered concern of our planet.

While we are much in the talking, the chemistry of the atmosphere and the sea is being over populated with green house gases whose consequence is detrimental and irreversible.
International panel discussion conclusions usually, if not always, suggested that much of the burden caused by global warming will fall on the world's poorest people, who have done little to cause global warming. Sadly, the remedy is in the hands of the other, the rich in the developed world; a question of choices A and B but with an answer C. What a Destiny!
The developed world is rather much concerned to short time economic impacts on the one hand and, I think, has wrong assumption that development history remains as it is, and hope they will cope with it, on the other hand, ignoring the fact that once a superpower is sliding down and the bottom is growing up. Even if it does, it is still suicide as no one can tell for sure what, when, where and how the unknown danger caused by global warming occurs on earth.

Global warming is a universal problem mainly caused by some and requires universal effort, starting from the actions of individuals. Let us take a concerted effort to reverse the trend, therefore.

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