Saturday, 19 April 2014

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Building Work place reputation, at least self

                                                         19 April 2014 Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
This  piece  of  writing  is  merely  a  limited  research  compiled  from limited sources  and 
personal experience. It is neither a result of any proper research. 
The writer:

Employees are believed to be the back bone and the most important
resources of  any organization. Skilled  work  force  is a reliable asset to 
push the business forward.
At the same time, conducive working environment is a place to build
self excellence and work place reputation for individuals. 
Proper coaching and training is meant to help as a spring board for
innovation,  improvement  and  discovering  the  potential  within  and 
In  most  developing  world  however;  conducive  company  working
platforms  are hardly available; access to training is seldom found and 
they  don’t  practically value their  employees  as  they  should.  In  effect, 
therefore, employees may become underperforming mainly due to lack
of motivation, skill gap and underpayment; resistant to change, and in 
the long term loses hope and find loop holes as escaping mechanism
with a high risk to the companies and themselves.
I  recently  read  an  article  on  addisfortune  newspaper  written  by
Abdulmena  Hamza  how  our  banks  are  becoming  victims  mainly  by 
their  own  employees.  Overvaluation  of  security,  issuing  of  Cash
Payment Order (CPO) without securing sufficient funds from customers, 
releasing import documents before receiving full funds, transferring
funds  out  of  dormant  accounts,  putting  counterfeit  signatures  on 
special  clearance  forms  by  bank  messengers  so  that  a  customer
account  is  credited,  outright  theft  by  tellers  and  approving  Non 
Sufficient  fund  (NSF)  cheques  are  some  of  the  risks  facing  the  banks 
as the writer stated.
It is a pity to know banks, which are supposed to be automated to the
highest standards like their peers in the other world to minimize such 
risks,  are  susceptible  as  such  and  their  businesses  still  remain 
predominantly traditional and manual irrespective of the underlying
challenges. I don’t even have an easy option to pay and upgrade my
LinkedIn account where I am posting this article as their systems are
as manual as the extent of this.
Latest research findings also clearly supports, pity corruption and theft
are  becoming  a  challenge  in  other  organizations  and  institutions
throughout the nation as well. If the trend is left unattended, even for
a while, it will become a grand threat as the economy grows in size.
If employees, who are supposed to make a positive impact in the
organizations and companies, are engaged in the other way round, I
think, moral values should be re-reevaluated and reformulated. It is
not  easy  to  make  a  positive  change  in  the  working  culture  of
companies at an individual level. Even, at times, when we try for the
good,  people  may  be  jealousy  of  our  activities  and  try  to  make
negative plots, bosses if convinced with our capabilities may leave as
overburdened  without  proper  recognition  or  reward,  or  at  other 
instances we may be in the wrong place with a team of wrong attitude.
These are merely the few challenges we encounter in our way of
building reputations in the work places. We shall never stop trying to
improve and help modernize the system we are working with to move 
the company we work in forward and to grow ourselves up. Building
reputation requires commitment, hard work and at times sacrifices.
If we dare take the risk to the extent of fraud and theft in our own
organizations,  I  believe,  the  challenges  I  mentioned  earlier  for  good 
are far less to swallow. 
May  be,  what  we  did  may  remain  hidden  from  others  for  so  long  but 
we are prone to suffer psychologically as it is not possible to hide from 
oneself after all.
Successful people who left positive legacies in different companies and
organizations were, I believe, faced the same challenges along their
way. How they overcame the obstacles remain the difference though.   
I better tell you a story of two brothers, whose father was so careless 
to  his  family  and  the  neighbors.  Respected not  his elders, mistreated 
his wife and had a kind of the worst character by default.
Growing in the same environment though, one of the boys developed a 
character of exact copy of his father and the other quite the opposite. 
The second loved his job, respected his wife, gave due attention to his
children, in essence built an esteemed character.
People  around,  surprised  how  the  difference  in  behavior comes, were
tempted  to  question  them.  In  doing  so,  they  got  literally  the  same
answers.  Both  of  them  responded  that  they  developed  these
characters because of the influence of their father.
Explaining how however; the first assumed the actions of his father
were right  and  followed  his  steps  but the  second  learned  that  the 
actions of his father were all wrong and decided to be the opposite and
cultivated himself from the  very beginning.
Irrespective of the same experience while growing, the two brothers
saw the  same  event from  two  different  angles.  So,  what  matters to 
them was their perspective, not their experience.
From this seemingly simple story, I hope, we can take a lesson in our
daily lives. It is up to our head to make a choice in whatever situation 
we may be.
Success shall not always be counted only on the basis of money we
collected. I do not underestimate the importance of money for our
lives but I can tell with confidence that change makers are always
remembered  far  more  than  people  with  swollen  bank  accounts.  They 
are also the, most likely, happiest and proudest people.
Let us make positive contributions and leave unforgettable legacies
and build reputations in work places rather than causing and paying
unnecessary risks in our endeavors, therefore.
Thank you for dropping by,
The writer.