Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Overcoming Procrastination, the Biggest Enemy of Success:

Typical Ethiopians say, if you postpone your dinner, it will be served in the next day’s breakfast. But if you postpone your work you will miss both, which is a common expression of failure. The root cause of procrastination is luck of interest for a job or fear of incapability. However, once we start doing the job, the fear vanishes and the job is completed perfectly. It is best to face unpleasant jobs or situations early and finish them off to free our minds.
I often do this to avoid procrastination and get a better result.
I jot down my daily activities at very morning, check at some intervals, tick off the finished ones, recheck late in the evening and transfer the ones I can’t complete to the next day’s to-do list. This does not mean I succeed but I can at least measure how much percentage I achieve out of my daily activities, be it at work or personal. Sometimes, it is worth measuring our activities to better evaluate our performance. Otherwise, we may be unaware even if we are doing great.

If you are wondering to know whether you are succeeding, try it. It may be a help. Most of our cell phones do have the tools, so possible to exploit the features. Plus, do not procrastinate an activity so carelessly unless otherwise it is beyond your control.