Thursday, 29 October 2015

26-30 October 2015 - An Energy and Investment Week in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

World Energy Leaders Summit Ethiopia Day-Huawei Electric Power Summit 2015

The usual Governance Meetings and EA plenary, Future Energy Leaders and World Energy Leaders Summit and Private Energy Ministerial Round Tables are all going to be taking place. 

Energy Trilemma - Energy Security, Energy Equity and Environmental Sustainability in general and Investment challenges and Opportunities in Africa in particularly are anticipated to be the main focuses in the session.

The Deployment of AMI- Advanced Metering Infrastructure, Smart Grid Technologies- IoT and Energy Cloud and the possibility of connecting the World's Power Grid( the sustainable sources),through these technological innovations to take advantage of the differences in time zones was part of the take away from huawei's Ethiopia Electric Power Summit.
In a similar development, the economist’s Ethiopia Summit and Africa Investment forum are taking place in Sheraton Addis and African Union Conference halls respectively.

Ethiopia has been busy showcasing the investment opportunities it has to all the Delegates, Country Representatives and Business Leaders. What a privilege!

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