Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Base Matters!

Tracing back, if you have been lucky; you might have started your grade one after having been admitted to KG or some equivalent of the same; you might have the advice to pursue your career the way you want as earliest; and/or you might have the support of someone in your first ever start up of your business, and so on and so forth.

Anyway, if you are in the developing world, chances are you have a low base and everything you shall do is up to you. No a kind of privilege. You are expected to compete after overcoming the inertia of low base yourself first.

It is also true as a nation. If anything Ethiopia, my home country and I have in common quite for some time, it is the low base. As a nation, Ethiopia took a little over two decades to convince and get the attention of the international community of all the efforts it makes for the good of its own very people. It tried this project and that project to find their support but ended up challenged, most of the time, one after the other which otherwise would not have been the case if it were the named and the based nations. It should have won the inertia of low base first before it competes with others in the development agenda.

And imagine how long it will take for an individual like me who was born with the most inertia of the low base before we get the attention of some be it in the professional world or the other.  

The future seems bright though. With hard work and commitment, and if we are able to overcome the innate inertia of low base, success will knock our doors no matter how long it may take; Because I optimistically  say so!